Welcome to Frame Your TV, The Worlds Number 1 resource for Bespoke solutions to Hide and Integrate Flat Screen TVs into any Decor
Welcome to Frame Your TV, The Worlds Number 1 resource for Bespoke solutions to Hide and Integrate Flat Screen TVs into any Decor

Commercial Clients


Are your clients decor aware and need a product that blends with their unique style?

Would you like a product on hand that creates a more favourable impression for their TV, creating a way to disguise or balance it with their designs?

Frame your TV are the leading group in creating customised TV frames for clients world wide.

Whether you want to become an exclusive point of sale, or are an interior design professional looking for that key solution that makes you a cut above the rest, we’ve got the solution to all of your needs, and can offer you technology that will make your clients clamour to recommend you to their friends.


  • No minimum stock requirement – simply design and go by ordering with us
  • No overheads to store stock
  • Our product is exclusive and innovative.
  • We design and make to specs – no needing to fit your designs around our solutions. Our customised solutions range from contemporary to off the wall and everything in between.
  • We offer a generous referral scheme – all you need do is introduce us, and we take care of the rest.
  • Our delivery times are set in stone – so you can rely on us to get your product to you on time.
  • Full online design and support – you and your customers can take the time to explore all your options online, configure and customise their dream frame, and then, all you need do is order.
  • We offer a range of sample frames for any show room – just ask!


Looking for a sleek, unique solution to blend that TV in with the rest of the room – is your design ruined by ugly lines, or that smooth black box? We can help, and have a range of solutions whether you’d like to become a full reseller yourself, or simply refer customers to us once the rest of your design work is done. We can offer you a full range of supportive options that maximise your revenue while keeping your own time investment to an absolute minimum.


Refits can be a daunting task for companies; especially those that need something that makes them stand out from the competitors but still keeps key features, such as TV access as readily accessible as possible. While flat screen TVs are becoming more and more affordable, they’re also still one of the few elements that stands out in any room design without serious care, attention, and in most cases, cabinetry. If you want to avoid the extra boxing in your spaces, or use your TV to enhance your interior, not detract from it, we’ve got the bespoke solution that you need, whether you’re a small commercial business or an international.


  • Customised solutions to enhance the interior design in situ – without detracting from the overall feel.
  • A dedicated team to collect orders, provide customer service, manufacture and ensure complete delivery – our craftsmanship and installation service is second to none.
  • Concealment solutions for every situation – side and front on.
  • Complete remote control integration, including customisation to fit with all in situ entertainment systems.

We offer some of the most attractive solutions to disguising televisions and screens of all kinds – and we’re always available to discuss the benefits of using our company – contact us now and discuss our commercial customer options today.


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